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Fluton Valve is a leading manufacturer of world-class industrial PTFE lined valves. It offers comprehensive valve solutions that meet specific requirements of clients. The product range includes Ball Valve, Plug Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Flush Bottom Valve, Check Valve etc. It is at the forefront of offering innovative and effective products. The company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure manufacturing facility that is equipped with sophisticated machinery in order to produce the best valves. The R & D division is at the forefront of designing and developing valves that are high on functionality as well as innovation. The company is led by a team of entrepreneurs, who have a rich experience in the industry. They keep a tab on the latest trends in the industry whilst employing the latest practices in terms of technology and management.

Ball Valve

Ball valves are the valves having a spherical shaped disc with a hole. The port of the valve through this hole remains in complete alignment with the ends of the valve. These are quarter turn valves which are placed at point of flow of the liquid or gas and therefore can be operated for regulating the fluid flow while being used with other forms of valves. Today PTFE lined ball valves for quarter turn operation are available in the market. These PTFE lined valves are designed with high quality fluoropolymer materials and therefore can provide protection against potentially dangerous electro-static discharge and corrosions.

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Check Valve

Check valve is a kind of flow regulating valve which is commonly found in pipelines. Also known as non return valves these are the one way valves which allow the fluid to flow only in one direction and therefore are installed in pipes to restrict the backward flow of material passing through the pipe. These are available in variety of forms like ball check valves, diaphragm check valves etc and therefore utilized for directing air, gases, fluids, steams, liquids or slurries in a single direction. The modern lined check valves are available in anti corrosion features and are therefore the right devices for robust industrial applications whether in chemical, oil, gas, petroleum or any other industry.

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Industrial Valves – Devices for Better Flow Management