A Time To Change Your Life is Now!

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A new and sustainable world wide donation exchange program that gives u a 75% monthly compounded growth.

Minimum and waiting periods

With a minimum of R200 you can be part of the community right away. No joining fees are charged initially or in a long run.

Dreams range from 1 to 6 month(s) waiting period. So feel free to choose a period that will suit your dream and targets.https://www.mylifechange247.com/follow/9762740

Why wait?

Once your donation to one of MLC247 recipient is confirmed, automatically your dream will start growing every day towards it's maturity date.

Please Note : The system will automatically choose anyone to become a keeper in order to accommodate matures dreams.https://www.mylifechange247.com/follow/9762740

Payment method
Bitcoin and ZAR

You can choose whether you want to donate and receive either by BTC (Bitcoin), ZAR (South African Rand) or both BTC and ZAR.

Once you select either BTC or ZAR or Both as your default method of payment, the system will only use that option for sending or receiving donations, until you change that on your Profile update.https://www.mylifechange247.com/follow/9762740

Something for referrals

MLC247 offer two types of earnings for members who refer new members to this awesome community. You have "Once-off" and "Passive Income" earnings.

"Once-off" earnings will give you 10% once-off of the initial donation that your referral make, and "Passive Income" gives you 2% of every donation that all your referrals make going forward for LIFETIME. https://www.mylifechange247.com/follow/9762740

Goal achieved
Withdraw matured dreams

Once your dream has reached the peak of its maturity, you will be required to 'withdraw' it.

This will simply allow the system to pick 'Keepers' in the system with the amount you need to donate to you and make your dream come true.

Online Support
We are live 247

Whenever you need help or someone to talk to about MLC247 or your Profile, feel free to chat with our consultants.

You can chat with our consultants on Live Chat on the website. Live chat should be located on your bottom right.

Share your happiness.

One of the pillars of every community's longevity is squarely on members sharing testimonies whenever they have received donation and have accomplished their dreams.

MLC247 therefore allow members to share their happiness by performing tasks that not only promote the community, but also give "thank you" once-off earnings to the member. So every time you share, you earn :)

Security, Fairness, Budget
Let's work together, for us.

MLC247 has developed a fully secure system with the best developers around the world, but that doesn't replace the importance of us being fair to one another to sustain the community.

MLC247 therefore promote privacy, fairness and appeal to all members to budget their monies properly and not use their last cents to donate :) https://www.mylifechange247.com/follow/9762740


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A Time To Change Your Life is Now!